Portmeirion village, bringing a bit of Italy to North Wales

Portmeirion village is a seaside town that exudes enchantment with its characterful narrow streets and unique beauty. This magical village, built in 1925, is a constructed tourist destination in North Wales, resembling a theme park but without rides. It is a place where the streets, houses, and the surrounding landscape seem to have sprung from a fairy tale, offering visitors a sense of stepping into a storybook world.

Portmeirion boasts sub tropical gardens, shops, a spa, 6 coffee shops and cafes and numerous restaurants with the Italian style theme flowing throughout where you can taste anything from freshly made pizzas to home-made Italian style gelato.

The village streets are undisturbed by traffic or noise, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. Portmeirion’s architectural elegance and picturesque setting make it a truly captivating destination for anyone seeking a touch of magic in their travels.

Local things to do

Open Wednesday-Saturday 5-9pm ​ Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
Hire an electric bicycle or Paddle board and explore the Llyn!