Chwarel Hên/ Llanfair Slate Caverns

Underground adventure for the whole family
Llanfair Slate Caverns offer a unique experience, preserving the history of the miners who worked there over a century ago. These caverns are entirely man-made and have been left untouched, mirroring the exact conditions as when the miners departed.  Visitors can witness the marks and scars in the rock, a testament to the tools and labor of those who toiled in these caverns.
The authenticity of the site provides a glimpse into the industrial heritage of the region, showcasing a thriving hub that once defined the area’s economy. Above ground, visitors can explore a variety of attractions, including a shop and cafe that offer an array of delights. The collection of naturally formed gemstones captivates both children and adults, while the exquisite Welsh slate serves as a perfect souvenir. The cafe provides a cosy retreat with homemade cakes and breathtaking views, adding to the overall charm of the experience.
Llanfair Slate Caverns stand out as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Wales, further emphasising their historical significance. The site’s commitment to preserving its original state allows visitors to step back in time and appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication of the miners who shaped these caverns. For those seeking an adventure intertwined with history and natural beauty, Llanfair Slate Caverns offer a captivating journey into the past, where every corner echoes the legacy of hard work and ingenuity left behind by generations of miners.

Local things to do

Open Wednesday-Saturday 5-9pm ​ Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
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